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Behind bars body piercing and tattooing is located at 94 meadow street, Weston-super-Mare. The shop itself has a warm, clean and friendly atmosphere with polite staff that are always willing to help and advise. The piercing and tattoo studios and procedures have been approved by the local health authority and the piercer, Luke, that’s me by the way, is accredited by the British Body Piercing Association (BBPA)

We have two tattooists on the premises. Jay, our top tattooist, who loves to do grey shade horror and Dot work but enjoys tattooing all styles. Pinky, who loves to do lettering and coloured tattoos.

I pierce during the following hours:

Monday - Saturday  10am - 6pm

Tattooists are in during the following hours:

Monday - Saturday  10am - 6pm

Both will occasionally take late appointments if notice is given.

  You can phone us at the shop on 01934 641713

Body piercing can be a tricky business for both piercer and piercee, the trickiest part being the healing process. The way I look at it is that if the piercing is done correctly and is looked after properly during the initial healing process (10 weeks for most piercings) then it will turn out to be a piercing you can be proud of. I like to keep an eye on all of my piercings if I can, which is why I always offer my services after the piercing, for advice, treatment and queries. If you have a piercing, please feel free to come in at anytime for me to check its progress or to simply answer any questions you may have, I don’t care who did it. It only takes a second to advise someone.

My studios and all of the equipment inside is sterilised and cleaned frequently, to the very highest standard. All jewellery, clamps and piercing equipment is either single use or sterilised prior to it touching the client, which, in my opinion is half the battle involved in producing a successful piercing. Protective surgical gloves are worn during the entire piercing process, ensuring the application of the ‘no touch method’. All of the piercing jewellery is plain polished titanium which is lightweight and nickel free, thus eliminating any chance of developing a nickel allergy.

Bearing all this in mind, if it’s looked after correctly, it has a much higher chance of being a successful piercing that you will be happy to show off.

We also offer dermal anchors, skin divers, rivets, pocketing and make some custom jewellery on site.

Please check out my site and tell me what you think. Also feel free to email me with any queries.

email me at             or contact us on Facebook.


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Age Restrictions

A consent form will need completing for all piercings

14-16 years old – face and navel only – must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
16-18 years old – face and navel only – must provide proof of age
18 and up – all Tattoos – you may still be required to show proof of age.

Children’s Ear Piercing

We offer a children’s ear piercing service here too. It will take place within a clean and sterile room using the ‘no touch method’ as with all piercings. The stud guns are then cleaned using isopropyl alcohol ready for the next customer. The jewellery used is pre-packed and sterile until opened. We also like to reward the child with a lollypop. We pierce children’s ears from the age of 3.